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About Us

DESIGNER PARK is a Brand Consulting and Design Services company based in T - Nagar, Chennai, India. We are an 15 years experienced company with core strengths in Branding and Communication Design across multiple media such as Print, Digital and Online Media. We are a passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical wizards, constantly pushing the boundaries of design.

We partner with our clients to discover / re-discover new and exciting opportunities that lie in a product or service. While collaborating closely with our clients we design and implement future perfect designs; designs that sell.

The People

We are enthusiasts, we are technologists, we are strategists, we are dreamers. With collective experience of 15 years and with strengths that compliment each other; we are constantly trying to jump the learning curve.

While our core strength is design across multiple media, our services provide our clients the complete solution for their design needs, right from concept design to implementation. We work closely with production experts to ensure the idea is a success in its translation to form.

With a growing list of clients we are looking at the future with enthusiasm!
Together, let's build brands.

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